Have you just created your first WordPress website? Are you struggling to build your community on this platform? Has your web developer set up your WordPress website, but you need help maintaining it? We’re here to help! At Web Badger, we believe in making your website stand out, just like your unique business. Our team of marketing and digital advertising professionals has many decades of relevant experience under our belts. We want your website to feel like it has been made just for you – because it has!

If you are struggling to find community on the Internet for your business, WordPress can help. WordPress helps build communities around sites through the use of comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks. This will help you keep in touch with your audience, which will help foster community (and maybe even grow your business!). Visitors of your website can leave comments on individual entries. WordPress also gives you the option to enable or disable comments on a per-post basis.

WordPress comes with an integrated blacklist and an open proxy checker to manage and eliminate comment spam on your blog. There are many plugins that can take this function a step further as well. This helps ensure that the comments on your website are genuine and helpful.

WordPress also has a built-in user registration system. You can choose to allow people to register and maintain individual profiles through your blog, so they can leave authenticated comments for everyone to see. You can also choose to close comments for users who have not registered. In addition, there is a plugin that lets you hide posts from lower level users.

You can allow certain html tags on your site as well. This will keep users in check who might post html tags that may not be good for your site. Default html tags allowed by WordPress let people use html in their comments without compromising the safety of your data or server.

WordPress also provides many moderation options, so you can moderate many comments before they are posted to your site. You can moderate all comments before they appear on the blog, or comments with specific words in them. You can also moderate comments posted from certain IP addresses and comments containing more than a specified number of links. This will keep spammers in check. You can also opt for WordPress to send you an email every time there’s a new comment posted, or any time a comment awaits your moderation.

Serving you is our priority. Web Badger wants to help you with all your WordPress website needs. We will build your website for you, help you troubleshoot your already existing WordPress site, or help maintain your site. We also specialize in Search Engine Optimization, directory listings, Google maps, and reputation management. We’re happy to help you advertise digitally as well; we work with Google Adwords, display advertising, and social media advertising for your business. Contact us today – you won’t be disappointed!