At Web Badger, our exceptional team knows that every business is unique, and we want your website to reflect that. With decades of experience across all platforms, we customize every element of your website to achieve your goals. When it comes to your WordPress website, let us help you maintain it so that you reach a new level of success. Contact Web Badger today – you’ll be thrilled to see how we can design an elegant website for your business!

To get started with creating a WordPress website, there are a few standard functions that you should know about. One function we love is that your entire workflow can happen on WordPress – this means no switching back and forth between software. You can draft on the WordPress interface, which will check your spelling and grammar, before you publish your work. It’s all in one place! 

WordPress also offers a drag-and-drop file uploader that can make your webpage feel complete. You can drop pictures, videos, music, and documents right into your WordPress site. The system also allows you to write distraction-free; it fades away when you need to concentrate on your ideas. WordPress also saves your work as you type, so you’ll never lose your writing. But the good news is that every time you hit save, WordPress creates a snapshot in case you want to go back to a previous version of your work. You can also schedule posts for the future, so you can write whenever is convenient for you. 

In addition, WordPress offers mobile applications for Android and iOS users. This means you can work on your site wherever you are. If you want to hide posts from the public, you can set passwords on each individual post, or you can have private posts as well. When you think you’re ready to publish your website, you can look at the preview for an article post you just spent time writing. Previewing your post gives you the chance to check your work before publishing it live.

These are only a few of WordPress’s functions, but we find that the interface is easy to use and that the learning curve is small for first-time users. If you need help creating a beautiful website for personal or business use, or if you need help maintaining your already existing WordPress website, contact Web Badger today! You will be excited to see how we can make your website professional, informative, and engaging for your potential customers.