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In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about different forms of digital advertising. But one kind of digital advertising that we haven’t done a deep dive in yet is display advertising. Display advertising is one way to attract the audience of a website, social media platform, or other digital medium to take a specific action. Typically, display ads are made up of text-based image or video advertisements that show up while they’re surfing the web. They encourage the user to click the ad to a landing page and take some kind of action (usually make a purchase).

Most display advertising campaigns are charged on a cost per click basis. What this means: every time the user on a search engine clicks your ad, you’ll get charged. Display ads can also be used for retargeting campaigns, which means that certain advertisements appear to users who have already visited a particular website. The goal for this type of ad is to “retarget” the user and encourage them to return to that same website.

With any kind of marketing, display ads come with advantages and disadvantages. Here are some benefits of display ads:

  • Diversity: display ads can be diverse since they come in many shapes, sizes, and formats. This is a positive thing because it means you can choose the kind of advertising that will help you achieve your marketing goals.
  • Reach: you can access millions of sites straight from your Google Ads account, so this means that another advantage of display ads is the reach.
  • Targeting: Google Display Network (GDN) has an extensive reach, so you can also target the right audience by placing your ads on the right websites. This means getting your ads to your target audience.
  • Measurable: Google Ads and Google Analytics can track your ads simply, which helps your performance and engagement tracking.

Of course, there are a couple disadvantages to display ads. Banner blindness means that some internet users simply stop seeing display ads because of how popular they are. This leads to a lower click-through rate; but you can work through banner blindness by focusing on remarketing. Another downside to display ads is the use of ad blocker technology. Ad blockers have become more popular lately, and they stop the public from seeing your display ads.

The advantages of display ads greatly outweighs the disadvantages; the more people who see your advertisement online, the better. Whether you decide to use display ads, social media marketing, or other types of digital marketing, digitally advertising your business depends so much on your products and/or your services. If you need help advertising for your business, contact Web Badger today! We want to help your business website succeed.