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In the ever-changing world of technology and media, it is increasingly important to stay up-to-date about digital trends. Social media marketing first began with publishing when businesses shared their content on social media to receive more traffic to their websites. But social media has taken off since then. Businesses may use social media to market their products and/or services in many ways:

  • Social media listening and engagement: businesses may monitor conversations online happening about their products and/or services, which leads to more awareness about those businesses and what they’re selling. Typically, businesses focused on listening and engagement will respond to concerns about their brands.
  • Social media analytics: businesses that want to understand how they’re performing on social media can analyze their reach, engagement, and sales on social media with some kind of analytics tool(s).
  • Social media advertising: businesses use social media advertising with the goal in mind to reach a specific set of audiences.

There are 5 main elements of social media marketing:

  1. Strategy: most things are better when they’re planned, and this remains true for social media as well. When you strategize for your social media presence as a business, consider the following questions: what are your business goals? How can social media help you achieve those goals? Which platforms would you prefer to focus on? What type of content do you want to share?
  2. Planning and publishing: small businesses should take advantage of social media marketing, and they’ll do better when they have a consistent presence on social media. This gives your business a better opportunity to be discovered by potential customers. Publishing to social media can come in the form of blog posts, images, videos, or other links. Plan your content ahead of time instead of creating and publishing content without strategy.
  3. Listening and engagement: as mentioned briefly above, listening and engagement in terms of social media means being present for the conversations that are happening about your business on online platforms. It’s a good idea to set up your social media platforms so that they’ll notify you any time your business is mentioned.
  4. Analytics and reporting: eventually, if not right off the bat, you should pay attention to how your social media market is performing. Do you have more followers than the previous month? How many people are mentioning your business? Do you have a hashtag for your business, and is it being mentioned on a regular basis? Feel free to rely on the platforms themselves to provide you with analytics.
  5. Advertising: once you have a solid social media presence, consider social media advertising. These types of ads will allow you to reach a larger audience than just those following you. Though these types of ads may cost you, they’ll be worth it.

Marketing your business digitally depends so much on your products and/or your services. If you need help advertising for your business, contact Web Badger today! We want to help your business website succeed.