Are you new to the content management system WordPress, and you’re having trouble getting started? At Web Badger, we’re here to help however we can. We work with our customers to ensure that their business goals become a reality by designing their unique websites. We’re more than happy to help you ensure that your site on WordPress accurately represents your services and/or products, and that your WordPress site works with you and for you. We also provide full-site analytics to increase your search engine optimization, bringing more traffic to your site and more potential customers to your business. Among our other many services, we also leverage delivery networks of major search engines so that we can specifically target ad placement on websites that your potential customers visit the most often.

So you’ve finally chosen WordPress as your platform. What’s next? WordPress can help you answer this question; they’ve curated a support page just for those customers who are new and don’t know where to get started. The first step they suggest is to read about WordPress: “One major thing to keep in mind is your investment of time. Being knowledgeable will without a doubt save you much time in the long run.”

WordPress has included a few suggested readings, though of course there are many more texts out there to increase your knowledge about WordPress:

The next step is to make a plan. Make a list of things you need and things to do. Include the following information on your list:

The following documents will help you understand more about how WordPress works and how to make a plan for your WordPress site:

Next up: install WordPress. See our previous blog post about this step.

Finally, set up WordPress. This part of the process is the most in-depth, so take your time, as you’ll be customizing WordPress to work for you. Check out the Administration Screens guide for a detailed walk-through. For help on creating your user profile information, of which some or all may appear on your WordPress Theme, see the Users > Your Profile pages for guidance. To set the site name and other information, go to Administration > Settings > General.

After you’ve published a few posts, you can experiment with the full edit or quick edit features in the Administration > Posts > Posts screen. Add your “About,” “Contact,” and other information Pages by going to Administration > Pages > Add New. Want to change the look and feel of your WordPress site? Go to Administration > Appearance > Themes.

You’ll find helpful information by reading WordPress Lessons, and these helpful documents:new

Once you’re feeling more comfortable with the WordPress system, you can work on changing the appearance of your page and adding plug-ins. But for now, that should get you started!

Web Badger wants to help you get your WordPress website set up so that it perfectly reflects your unique business. Contact us today to get started!