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As we all know, digital marketing is important for all businesses these days, but for small businesses especially. According to a study done by The Manifest, 88% of small businesses invest in social media, and 54% of small businesses use email marketing. 76% of small businesses believe their digital marketing efforts are effective. This data suggests that digital marketing is essential for small businesses.

Here are a few tips for small businesses looking to improve their digital presence:

  1. Build a strong social media presence. Especially now, when face-to-face communication is limited, small businesses should prioritize using social media to reach their customers – current and future. Don’t think of social media as a thing for young people, because it isn’t. The majority of all generations rely on social media for their businesses: Millennials (91%), Generation Xers (91%), and baby boomers (85%).
  2. Use email marketing campaigns to reach your customers. According to a study done by HubSpot, 80% of business leaders believe that email marketing amplifies the retention of customers. Nearly 60% of respondents from a HubSpot survey say that marketing emails influence their purchasing behavior.
  3. Improve your website marketing efforts. This means expanding your online visibility; make a website, and make your website as accessible as possible. Add a blog to your website so that you maintain authority on what it is you’re selling or providing.
  4. Use video marketing. If you don’t rely on video marketing already, this can make a huge difference for your small business. Videos on a business’s website make an average user spend 88% more time on the website. Video marketing creates more interactive and engaging marketing material.
  5. Determine your business’s main goal. Creating one main goal will allow you to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts. This may be the most important tip we can share with small business owners, because it helps business owners specify a plan and narrow down their plan of action.

No matter what your digital marketing goals for your small business are, we are here to help. Whether you decide to use display ads, social media marketing, or other types of digital marketing, digitally advertising your business depends so much on your products and/or your services. If you need help advertising for your business, contact Web Badger today! We want to help your website succeed.