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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are so many good resources out there that provide tips on how to improve your website’s SEO. SEO rank may include web directories, which are online lists of websites. These were invented back in the nascent days of the Internet, and they include entries on people and businesses and their contact information. But now with so many websites on the Internet, web directories aren’t used as often because people don’t want to sort through categories to find what they’re looking for. The question now: are web directories still relevant in 2022?

Web directories likely have a small impact on SEO rankings, just like any other site that links to you. But actually, Google penalizes people that use web directories. There are several disadvantages to web directories, including they include spam. When it comes to Google rankings, spam on web directories are inconvenient for Google since they waste resources.

Web directories are also no longer managed. Even though web directories still exist, no one runs them to approve sites or reply to users. In addition, web directories are no longer efficient. Even if you get some business directory listings, they’ll probably have little to impact on your SEO ranking.

So now the question becomes: are there any good web directories in 2022? Google My Business is considered a web business directory, but it’s more of a search engine than a web directory. Local listings are really the only web directories that are still used now, since many people do browse and look for reviews for local spots. However, most users still stick with the top businesses.

For local SEO, it helps if your NAP (name, address, phone) details are listed on multiple websites. The key is to make sure your NAP details are consistent across platforms.

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